Welcome to the Driver Kiosk

Welcome to the Driver Kiosk

Welcome to the Driver KioskWelcome to the Driver KioskWelcome to the Driver Kiosk

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Version 11.98 Update

 We are aware of a sudden iCabbi update that occurred on Monday, February 10th which prevented many drivers from being able to log in to the application. Please note that this update was set up to fix several fair issues.  Please accept the installation when you see the prompt to do so. If the update does not work, please call technical support or come to the office during business hours. 

Vehicle Age Waiver Inspection Request *Update*

AS OF 2/10/2020, ALL 2011 TAXIS HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN. VEHICLE MUST NOW PASS 150-POINT INSPECTION TO BE REINSTATED. Taxicab operators who have vehicles that are older than eight (8) model years but less than ten (10) model years may complete an application to waive the eight-year vehicle age retirement requirement under Title 31 DCMR § 609.3 for one calendar year. To qualify for the waiver, the operator must show proof that the vehicle has been driven no more than 175,000 miles and has passed a 150-point inspection by an independent ASE certified mechanic. No taxicab company or association may self-certify the 150-point ASE inspection. The charge for the waiver application is $100.00, including the license renewal fee. 

Vehicle Recall Alert Notice

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV) reiterates in this policy that it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to address and repair vehicle recall issues. DFHV encourages vehicle owners in the for-hire industry to use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database to determine vehicle(s) that need to be repaired as part of a recall.

DFHV Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) will continue to conduct safety and compliance inspections. DFHV will exercise our authority in Title 31 including but not limited to notices to the industry, compliance orders, safety and compliance inspections and vehicle removal related to vehicle recalls.

VIOs may order the removal of an unsafe or improperly equipped taxicab from any public street or space to one of the official District Inspection Stations for re-inspection, notwithstanding the fact that the taxicab displays an approved inspection sticker. No person shall drive, move, or permit the operation or use of any taxicab which is mechanically unsafe, improperly equipped, or otherwise unfit to be operated. Such vehicles are subject to being impounded.

1099-K & Expense Reports

 Please note that 1099-K reports for the 2019 year were filed with the IRS and your individual copy was mailed to your home address on Friday, January 31st. If you have no received your report yet, please let us know by emailing contact @dcyellowcab.com. We will not respond to phone calls or walk in requests. If you are in need of an itemized report of expenses for 2019, please come to the office during business hours for a copy. We can only give these reports out in person.  

Save The Date - Taxi Drivers Summit

 The Department of For-Hire Vehicles is conducting a Taxi Drivers Summit and wants your participation. The Summit will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 10 AM to 2 PM at Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002. Registration is free. Morning refreshments and lunch will be served. Mark your calendar for this opportunity to learn about the future of the taxi industry in the District of Columbia. Get information about how to increase your revenue in the for-hire business. Your feedback about DFHV services will help to identify priorities that can lead to the development of policies and programs. More details to come soon. 

Discontinuing Daily E-Mails

 In December 2019, Yellow Cab stopped sending drivers daily e-mails regarding their deposit. Driver will still receive daily text messages. However, the text message will direct drivers to a ycdcpay.com link where they can check their own deposits. Drivers are encouraged to become familiar with ycdcpay.com, where they can log in daily to check their bank deposits, transaction history and buy their insurance stickers. This tool was created for the empowerment and convenience of drivers. Please take advantage of the website. 



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