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H & I Street NW Bus Lanes Pilot

Until September 27, 2019, a bus lane pilot is coming to H and I Streets NW downtown between Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street NW. During this period, the right curb‐side lane will operate as a bus lane during the AM and PM peak periods, from 7AM‐9:30AM and 4PM‐6:30PM on weekdays. Road markings and signage will mark the right‐hand curbside lanes on H and I Streets as “Bus Only,” and red paint will be applied to the pavement. Red paint on the road anywhere in the District means the lane is restricted to buses or other authorized users for at least part of the day. Signs will indicate when restrictions apply. 

Resume Button

Drivers, please DO NOT press the RESUME button when a passenger requests a copy of their credit card receipt. This cancels the payment and creates extra work for you and the creates a headache for the customer. The correct way to print a copy of a credit card receipt is for the driver to press the ACCOUNT button then press 100.   

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Yellow Cab Co. of DC is now an approved service provider for  a new WMATA program titled Abilities-Ride.  Starting June 24, 2019 trips will be booked under account  777. For the initial stages of the program passengers will be either picked up from 600 5th Street NW to various locations or from various locations to 600 5th Street NW.  Most trips will be DC to DC with some out of state.  These trips have an Account metered tariff of a $3.50 drop rate plus mileage.   Drivers are requested to review the attached training guide on Serving Customers with Disabilities. 

Training Guide

T2R Taxi-to-Rail Pilot Program Update

We are about to launch the revised T2R ride. T2R allow DC residents and visitors to pay a reduced fare to ride to any of the following eight Metro Stations - Deanwood, Minnesota Avenue, Capitol Heights, Benning Road, Anacostia, Congress Heights, Southern Avenue, and Naylor Road. A rider may also use this service from one of these metro stations to a destination of their choice (located in East of the River)

T2R is an account trip of the same name. The first $10 of the fare is FREE for the passenger. The passenger only pays the amount that is over $10 and YCDC will automatically reimburse the driver for all fares up to the $10.00 subsidy. Example: If fare is $8.00 the passenger pays $0 and YCDC will reimburse the driver $8.00. If the fare is $15.00 the passenger pays the driver $5.00 and YCDC reimburses the driver $10.00

If you have any questions or concerns about a T2R ride, please immediately contact the Dispatcher at 202-546 7904.   

SMS Payment Instructions

 SMS payment options are available for drivers that have upgraded to iCabbi version 11.91. Passengers will be given the SMS payment option on the tablet. From there, the driver will enter the customer's mobile telephone number. All dispatch customers will have their mobile number automatically populate on the screen. Please remind the customer that if they booked with their home phone number, they will need to replace it with their mobile phone number. From there, press the DONE button, then the SEND button. The customer will then receive a text message with a link where they can enter their credit card information. Once that is completed, the driver will receive the completed payment information on their tablet. Please note that passengers will not be able to add a tip at the end. If a passenger wishes to tip a driver when using SMS payment, politely remind them to do so on the EXTRAS screen prior to entering their mobile phone number.   

eReceipt Option

 Customers can now send themselves a copy of their receipt from the back seat device by using the "eReceipt by Curb" button. After selecting a payment option, customers will see an eReicept by Curb button option on the backseat device. The customer will then enter their mobile phone number and press ENTER. After that, they will receiver a text message with a link that will take them to their eReceipt. Customers will still have the option to receive a hard copy of the receipt after a payment option has been selected. The driver will still receive the PRINT RECEIPT prompt on their tablet after the customer's payment option has been selected.  



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