New YCDC Pay Portal

The YCDCPay website was recently converted to a new web-based application.  Go to and click on Driver Payment Portal or go directly to  Sign-in with your Face ID and PIN.  The  same sign-on as iCabbi.  On the new YCDC Pay, all drivers including renters can now pay dues and services online and view their Insurance Sticker and Payment Receipt online or save an image of it on your phone.  Please note MPD and Hack Inspectors must accept the electronic sticker as proof of current insurance.  If you have an issues call us immediately and we ill intervene or escalate.

Balance: See current amount owed.  You can now make adjustments for Shop and Auto Loans with specific minimum limits

Transactions: See summary of every transaction made to your account including payments, adjustments, charges and deposits

Deposits: See all funds deposited to your bank account.  Click on the blue "Deposit" text to see full transaction details. To print on desktop, right-click and select Print

Payments: See all payments made to your account. Click on the "Payment" text to see Payment Receipt. To print on desktop, right-click and select Print

Stickers: View an electronic copy of the current Insurance sticker.  Save image to the phone or to print on desktop, right-click and select Print

Driver Live Chat

We are introducing a new communication tool for drivers to get more direct and timely responses from dispatch, technical support and administrative staff.  Go to and you will see the blue chat-icon on the bottom right of the page.  Click on the chat-icon and from 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri you can communicate live with one of the aforementioned groups.  After-hours you can leave a message that will be monitored and supported by the on-duty Dispatcher and other staff.

We hope through this new communication tool to address your queries, complaints and support requests more directly and timely to your satisfaction.  No need to call or  send emails to  This effort is another  attempt to bridge the communication gaps resulting from the ongoing pandemic and restricted on-site support.

Dispatch News and Observations

We are seeing trip decreases in Transport-DC because of budget cutbacks but increases in number of Abilities-Rides.  We just started a new grant MyRides (Account 332) and about to start another one Promised Rides (272).  We are continually applying and working on acquiring more account business and will  be counting on your continued support with these programs.  We are also seeing a steady increase of former ride-sharing customers returning to Yellow Cab.  The service reviews and rating have been consistently high. The riders are very pleased and complimentary with the high quality of service that you provide.  Current rating out of 5 is 4.8.

We continue to see a heavy demand for service during the first of the month and every morning from 8AM to 10PM across the river in Zones 4EA, 4EB, 3F, 3G, 4F, 4G and 5A.  In the evening we see the reverse trend in 2BC (50, 106, 110 Irving), 3AB (3800 Reservoir) and 3B - 4CB in Upper Northwest DC.

There is still a growing need for more drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles.  The demand for this critical service is rising with the aging of the baby boomers and not enough drivers showing interest in this area.  We provide a discounted rent or dispatch fee for drivers willing to provide this service plus some of the grant programs provide a per-trip incentive fee.

We continue to see a concerning trend by some drivers of going on break during rush hour which unfortunately coincides with taking account passengers back home from dialysis, chemo and other medical appointments. We heavily rely on drivers accepting follow-on trips that are being picked up at or close to the enroute destination. We are also working very hard to reduce the  number of no-shows by calling passengers in 10-minute intervals to ensure that they are still waiting for a cab.