Yellow Transportation rents late model taxicabs by the week at competitive prices.   We offer both dispatch and non-computer dispatch taxicabs.  Our dispatch rental taxicabs are equipped with our state-of the-art automated dispatch system including GPS monitoring and credit card processing capabilities.

The weekly rate is pro-rated by which day the vehicle is picked up.  All drivers interested in renting a vehicle must have a valid driver’s license, a valid DC Hacking license “face” and be approved by Crown Captive Insurance Company.

Weekly Rental Fees
Dispatch Cabs – $330.00 – $280.00 per week (based on model year)

All new drivers are also required to pay a $100.00 security deposit. The deposit will be returned to the driver exactly one week after returning the vehicle.

The weekly rental fee is for Monday through Sunday.  The weekly rental fee must be paid in advance by Saturday at 11:59 PM.  Drivers that have not paid their rental fee are subject to having their hacking abilities revoked by management until the past due balance is paid. Drivers may keep the cabs during the rental period and are not required to return the vehicle to the company at the end of their shift.

If you are interested in renting please click the button below to complete and submit the rental application.  Come join us!!