Important Notice

DFHV published an Administrative Issuance on 11/1/21 that extends the deadline for Face ID Renewal to 11/15/21.  After that date they will grant further extensions based on the driver's Birth Month. See table below. It is imperative that you complete the renewal by your respective extension date or report any difficulties you are experiencing directly to DFHV before the deadline.

Here is some information provide by DFHV that should help with getting your Clean Hands.  We requested them to provide information on getting fingerprinting done expeditiously.

  • Anyone applying for clean hands certificate online should get their result instantaneously IF they have been annually uploading their D-30 form.
  • OTR  found that many drivers have not been uploading their D-30 form annually as they should have.  The drivers wait every 2 years to do this whenever they  need to renew Face ID. This causes the delay and they need to complete them before they can get clean hands cert.
  • OTR’s new process: Requests that comes in by Wednesday 10 am are processed and the result are posted  the following Tuesday.   This is because other units need to coordinate.

Face ID Renewal Instructions

Follow the below steps to renew your DC Taxicab Face ID online.  You must have a cellphone to receive texts and emails and an email address.

  1. Click the Get Started Button below or here to get started
  2. If you have already registered click Log-in (top right of page)
  3. If you have not registered follow the below steps
    • Click the link on the second line of the instructions
    • Click on Register link (top right of page)
    • Complete the form displayed.  Read the instructions carefully.  You must enter your cellphone number in the Telephone Number field.
    • When finished click Create Account
    • You will receive an email with a link and a code
    • Enter the code on the displayed screen
    • You will receive a a message that you are now set up
    • Click Log-in to begin and complete your courses

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