Updated October 19, 2021 

Face Renewal: All expired Face IDs have been extended to November 1st, 2021. Drivers with an expired Face ID must renew before that date or will be subject to DFHV shutdown. Visit the our ID Renewal page to view the step-by-step process to renewal your Face ID or visit DFHV Quick Guide for more information.

  •  Mark your calendar for October 21, 2021 3:00PM for an online information session where Client Services representatives will be there to answer your questions.  Can't join us at that time? We will record the session so you can watch later. Please visit the Client Services website or email dfhv.ClientServices@dc.gov for further information regarding ID renewals

High-Speed Router Conversion: We are transitioning to new 4G high-speed routers. We will be scheduling vehicles for appointments over the next several weeks. On your scheduled date, please report to the office during business hours and a technician will execute the 5-10 minute transition and have you on your way.

Vaccine Mandate: Mayor Bowser has issued a standing order, directing all companies receiving city funds to gather a Covid-19 vaccine aggregate status for their staff and sub-contractors.  YCDC is a service provider service for City and Federal funded programs Transport-DC (555/556), Senior MedExpress (333), Emergency Meal Delivery and Abilities-Rides and must comply with this order. The survey must be completed by all active or returning drivers by September 30, 2021. Your individual confidential responses will be securely stored in your profile.

Please note that if you are not fully vaccinated you will be required to follow the strict weekly testing guidelines outlined in the Mayor's standing order.

Click to view the Mayor's Standing Order

Click to complete the Vaccine Survey

Here are the latest editions of DFHV Newsletters  August 2021 here.

Recruiting Efforts: Over the past 18 months, many drivers throughout the company have taken time away from driving to focus on their health during the pandemic. While we as a company encourage drivers to put their health first, we would like to hear from you if you're still away. If you have our leased equipment (credit card marquee, tablet, etc.) please contact us at (202) 546-7900 or pwilliams@dcyellowcab.com to states your intentions to returned of retire. If you're choosing to retire from driving, we will be more than happy to oblige you as long as the equipment is returned and all debts to the company are paid. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Policy On Masks:

  • The Mayor continues to mandate that masks be worn by both drivers and passengers in a taxi.
  • DFHV highly encourages all drivers to get vaccinated.
  • The Mayor’s recent order states “All District government contractors and grantees shall ensure that each of their employees, agents, and subcontractors who provide goods or perform services in person in District of Columbia facilities or worksites, or who have in-person contact with other persons in order to complete their work under the contract or grant have been either: (i) fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or (ii) granted one of the exemptions identified in Section III of this Order by the contractor or grantee, are undergoing weekly COVID-19 testing and only reporting to the workplace when such test result is negative, and are wearing masks while working.”
  • More information from DFHV’s grants division will be forthcoming on this requirement for DFHV grantees and vaccine requirements for drivers who provide Transport DC service.

Recruiting Drivers: As more DC residents are returning to their routine lives and the streets are getting busier, we are seeing business return back to our company. Due to the increased business, Yellow Cab is recruiting new drivers. We will offer any regular Yellow Cab drivers a $75.00 dispatch credit per each new referral. Rental drivers will receive a $50.00 rental fee credit.

DFHV Announces Fee Waivers For Taxi & Limo: Mayor Bowser recently announced the FY2022 Fair Shot Budget. This budget allocates funding for waiver of taxi and limousine fees during FY2021 and FY2022. The budget is expected to be finalized in late July. DFHV and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be applying fee waivers to the following:

  • For-Hire Licenses (renewal licenses) - DMV issued driver records & MPD police clearances
  • One-Stop Vehicle Registrations - Renewal registration & Inspection
  • Limousine Fees
  • Operating Authority (renewals)

DFHV understands many drivers have questions regarding Face ID renewals and license applications. There is no action drivers need to take at this time. All licenses that have expired will remain active and drivers will be given sufficient time to submit applications. We will continue to monitor the status of the public health emergency and communicate with impacted stakeholders on all essential information.

Operators can still opt to renew online or schedule an appointment to visit in-person to complete their license applications. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, please contact the Client Services Division at (202) 645-7300 or DFHV.ClientServices@dc.gov.

The Transportation Alliance ‘Media Watch’: With TTA’s ‘Media Watch’, a source that compiles the most relevant articles in transportation news, drivers will be able to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the industry. View news articles updated daily here.

Taxicab ADA Brochure Frequently Asked Questions on Taxi PDF version: This brochure outlines in question and answer format taxicab companies’ responsibilities under the ADA and is geared toward managers and owners.

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