Updated June 23, 2022

Open Message to YCDC Dispatch Fleet (6/11/22): Abilities-Rides account (777) is a federally funded competitive-bid grant program. Yellow Cab Company submitted a competitive bid and was selected as one of the service providers for the program. Since federally funded programs only reimburses for mileage and DC taxicabs operate on a time-distance meter, YCDC submitted a competitive per mile rate plus a negotiated drop rate which included the standard ($3.50), dispatch fee of ($2.00) and recently a fuel surcharge fee ($1.00) for a total of $6.50 to help offset for the missing time-metering factor. Drivers are paid the standard $2.17 per mile plus the negotiated drop rate ($6.50) for each trip.

Abilities-Rides grew initially from 50 trips per day to now over 300 trips daily. The increasing trip growth is directly attributed to the extraordinary service and support received from most of the fleet that recognizes how much of a positive impact these 777 trips have had on them, the company, and the industry.

Recently a minority of drivers have adopted a deliberate stance of accepting 777 trips and giving them back to the dispatcher, accepting these trips and false completing or no-showing them. Now, the latest action by the group is going on break during certain time-periods like rush hour or in specific zones to avoid being offered one of these trips. These actions not ony impact service to 777 customers but also other grant programs serving seniors and clients going to and returning from medical appointments and dialysis.  Additionally some of these actions are in direct violation of DCMR Title 31 regulation of refusal to transport. The main complaint from these drivers is they should be paid the full time and distance metered pricing for 777 trips even though the company also services other fixed rate grant programs like SME (333) and TDC (555).

We would always like to submit competitive bids that covers full-metered pricing per trip plus room to cover the company’s operating overhead and profitability. Unfortunately, that is not possible since we do not set or control the bid guidelines for the grants.  We can only submit our best offer in a highly competitive environment and hope that is accepted. Of course, if there is room to increase driver compensation, as was recently done with TDC, we will do so but that opportunity is not available at this time.

Taxicab dispatching service is optional. Any driver who willingly joins a dispatch service agrees to adhere and follow the service policies and guidelines of that company. Yellow Cab company is primariy a dispatching service company with very strict service and operating guidelines. One of those policies is that drivers must run every voluntarily accepted trip that was offered or designated by the dispatch system. Another policy is that drivers cannot demand what trip or account types they will run or select which pickup areas those trips must originate from. Both actions are discriminatory and in violation of company’s zero tolerance policy. Any driver who disagrees with YCDC’s dispatch service policies can voluntarily leave the company. Continued violation of these policies will result in escalating service penalties and eventually the involuntary termination of the driver's dispatch service agreement with YCDC.

YCDC is committed to providing the highest level of service at all times with a driver fleet that shares these same service ideals. We will not allow deliberate and negative behavior or actions by a few to sully the company’s credibility and hard-earned service reputation. We highly commend and recognize those drivers who faithfully and unselfishly support and serve our valued customers. We are doubling our efforts to develop and bid on more business opportunities and will share with you as we finalize. Thanks for your continued support.

Roy D. Spooner (General Manager)

Reminder: Please do not leave your Bluetooth printers in your vehicle when you're done working your shift. The battery in the printer will break due to intense heat. Please store in a safe, cool space when not in use.

Advisory: Masks Required in Taxis and Ride-Hailing Ride Vehicles: The Department of For Hire Vehicles (DFHV) reminds passengers and drivers that masks are still required while driving or riding in taxis or ride-hailing company vehicles. Local rules supersede individual company policies. See DFHV notice here.

Introducing ConnectorCard: The ConnectorCard program is an income-based cost-share program funded by the Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL) and managed by Yellow Cab Co. of DC Inc. The program operates through a Visa branded debit card which you will be able to use for a variety of ground transportation services.  The card cannot be used for air travel and any other goods or services. Learn more about this program by checking out our website connector-card.com.

Pay Online With Credit Card:  Instead of paying for their weekly dues online with an ACH debit from a single account, drivers now have the option to pay with the debit or credit card of their choice every time.  Visit this link for access to this new payment portal.  

DFHV Newsletter - March 2022

Notice of Emergency Rulemaking: Fuel Surcharge: Staring 12:01 AM on March 16, 2022, there will be a fuel surcharge of one dollar ($1.00) for each taxicab trip. This action is necessary to offset the impact of a significant rise in gasoline prices, which have increased in the District by approximately $0.80 per gallon in the past month, and gasoline prices in the metropolitan area have been at the highest levels in a decade. The fuel surcharge shall remain in effect until July 13, 2022, unless superseded or terminated by a subsequent rulemaking. Read the Notice of Emergency Rulemaking.

District Using $636,000 Through Federal Grant, Local Funds to Support Wheelchair-Accessible Taxis for Residents: The DFHV announces it will receive a $508,800 Federal Enhanced Mobility Grant, which along with $127,200 in local funds will be used to incentivize taxi drivers to serve residents who need wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) in the District’s Transport DC program for persons with disabilities and older adults. Read more here.

Taxicab Age Requirement Extension: The DFHV  has extended  is Taxicab Age Requirement for all 2011 vehicles. One consequence of COVID-19 has been vehicle shortages and supply chain issues that are preventing the purchase of new vehicles. In order to temporarily alleviate this issue, the Department will allow taxicabs that exceed ten (10) model years, but otherwise comply with all other requirements, to continue operating for the first half of 2022. The Department shall not require any taxicab, which is otherwise authorized to be in service, to be removed from service solely for lack of compliance with the maximum vehicle age requirement under 31 DCMR § 609.3 until July 31, 2022.

No need to file for this extension. Your file will automatically be updated and access to your meter will be restored on January 12, 2022. However, if there are other issues with your account, you may need to resolve them before your access is restored. Please contact Client Services by email at dfhv.clientservices@dc.gov or calling (202) 645-7300.

Read further on this extension here.

DFHV Online Services: Please take advantage of DFHV online services including the Online Business Portal to submit License Applications, One Stop Vehicle Registrations, and Vehicle Case Management. Online services save you time and allow you to access services from the safety of your home. And if you need further assistance you may call (202) 645-7300 or use the chat feature on the website. Visit the Online Business Portal

The Transportation Alliance ‘Media Watch’: With TTA’s ‘Media Watch’, a source that compiles the most relevant articles in transportation news, drivers will be able to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the industry. View news articles updated daily here.

Taxicab ADA Brochure Frequently Asked Questions on Taxi PDF version: This brochure outlines in question and answer format taxicab companies’ responsibilities under the ADA and is geared toward managers and owners.